#Samanthas-Market-Thoughts highlight the most important market-moving themes of the day - from macro to quant, intermarket to technical - as discussed in my live trading room.

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Market Timing is my job. I do it across all assets & timeframes for retail & institutional clients from my live trading room & Slack workspace for CLUB & EDGE members.

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My Process:

Here’s how I view the market every day and present to LaDucTrading CLUB/EDGE clients in my live trading room:

  1. My intermarket analysis: To spot key inflection points in cross-asset divergences. This helps me predict macro moves AND size up market breadth for intensity and duration of move.

  2. My macro analysis: A technical review of US dollar, 10Y/bonds, oil, China/Japan FX, Volatility, Credit, Fed Bank Reserves... PLUS my own net buying/selling indicators. This helps support conviction on my market views.

  3. My sector rotation analysis: A deep-dive on relative strength & momentum moves across growth & value, along with my custom scans. This helps me spy the money rotation and best stocks that will run hottest in the pack.

  4. My volatility analysis: A review of key macro-event risks, technical price levels, as well as quant & option positioning that can 'interrupt' or ignite a market direction. This also helps me “lawyer the trade” so as to know when I'm wrong.

  5. My option structure analysis: A study of flows versus macro triggers that help me "swim with the current rather than against it.” This is where I help clients navigate when to press long or short, when to protect and when to stand aside.


The time I spend on my version of "Macro-to-Micro" helps me assess the market in a language that I understand, so that I can help clients position before the move & profit for the majority of the move.

I want outsized returns for my clients!! Nothing less!

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#Samanthas-Market-Thoughts highlight the most important market-moving themes of the day - from macro to quant, intermarket to technical. Get the trade before it happens.


Founder - LaDucTrading. Macro-to-Micro Market Timer. Chase, Swing & Trend Timeframes. Equities, Bonds, Commodities & FX.