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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 4/18/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

Semiconductors are the weakest sector while Market having a slight bounce
VIX staying below 19.21 still helping the oversold bounce
TLT bouncing off 87.93 as yields are digesting the move to 4.5
Breadth still very weak under the surface
QQQ broke 430 into 425 now trying to stabilize below is 420
SPX over 5048 can try to push to 5080, only if the market gets above 5080 is the bounce worth the trend
IWM bouncing into 196/197 above 194
NVDA below 860 tagged 823, now if it breaks this next is 776
SMCI below 952 for 927,900
SMH below 212 headed to 209,207 and tagged target
TSLA 150 tagging, if this doesnt hold gonna hit 146.41
LLY breaks 739 we can see 712,700,672.62 stay below 755,760
UNH 496 tagged, likely rests here, if it comes down and break 488 it can come back down to fill gap at 476 then 440
RTX above 82.50 if it can stick can see 100 eventually
ELV looks good above 521
WFC above 58 potential to 60

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary

APR 18, 2024 AM

Sam & Craig will do a "Pop-Up Webinar" today at 4pm. High Yield OAS likely done going down & has already started climbing higher.

MAG7 - Tested the daily 50-MA yesterday & managed to close above it (barely). Still chopping the daily / weekly highs.

Weighted Dollar / Yields Ratio - Tested 300- closed yesterday above it. Under 305 this morning. Break 300 for a possible bounce in the markets.

IWF:IWD - Still above 50, 20, & 10MA (barely).


T2100 - mini bounce; not compelling (yet).

T2104 - "save me" maybe but does not scream "buy me"

T2123 - totally rolled over & broke the 10-week. Didn't even try to bounce off the 55-day

T2126 - yup; this is telling. Has a little more to go.

WTI CRUDE - dropped into 82.50 & closed below that yesterday. Could fade into 79.11$

GOLD (futures) - back up to yesterdays high; sideways now for many days.

Nat Gas - naaah - up more than 1.5% but nothing here.

Bit Coin - up nearly 2% this morning. Watching the proxies.


Dollar (DXY) - Sitting at 106;


TLT - bounced w/o trust.

ZN (10Y) - slidding down w/o support.

ZT (2Y) - chopping w/o real support.


SPX - get above 5080 for a bounce play up into 5192. 4983 as a short PT if we break 5022.

SPY - 496 / 491 PT.

IWM - ugly. 196 - 197 chase PT.

QQQ - Break 424 to play a short into 414.38. Cumulative Volume was a great "tell" for the roll over. 423.65 hourly support barely holding. No Energy. Turning greeen on a 21-day MA bounce.

BXM - tagged the kelt (weekly). Bounced on 55-day MA & into the 3-day MA. bounced on 55-day MA.


SMH below 212 heading to 209,207

QQQ 425.70 tagged, possible overshoot to 422

SMCI below 952 for 927, 900

NVDA 823 tagged, next is 776 if it breaks

TLT - Bonds having bounce at 87

TSLA 150 tagging, if this doesn’t hold gonna hit 146.41

SPY 500 tagging, next is 497.37

UNH 496 tagged, likely rests here, if it comes down and break 488 it can come back down to fill gap at 476 then 440

LLY breaks 739 we can see 712,700,672.62 stay below 755,760


AMZN - rejected 188 nicely; Sam's PT hit. Likely see 177 get tagged. Could bounce there & then we'll see if it tests 177 again & breaks it or if it holds that 177. STILL IN TREND (WEEKLY).

AMD - needs another week or 2 to break the 10 week & roll over.

ANF - still a great short.

ADSK - a mess.

ASML - 888.72 weekly PT nearly hit.

AMAT - testing / breaking the 55-day. Keep it below 206.77 weekly. Breaking the 10-week.

ABNB - calls of size coming in.

BABA - breaking 68 offers 58 short PT.

CI - has not broken down; stay above 347;

COIN - bounced into 225 resistance hourly; has to get above that to move higher... otherwise - a great place to short. 55-day support holding (so far).

EBAY - weekly support. If it breaks 49.50 then it's a nice short.

ELV - nice push; likely the cause of the UNH move

DUOL - not holding;

ETSY - popping from rating change.

ELV - looks very nice. Stay above 521 weekly.

GBTC - little bounce on Kelt & 10-week.

GS - still resistant.

GPC - waiting to tag 165 before considering a short.

GOOGL - has not broken even a little; Still holding up.

GD - 282.50 weekly support. Stay above 277 weekly.

INTC - what a hot mess.

LULU - bouncing from the 200-week MA. 334.82 daily support;

LVS - hitting the lower edge weekly. (MGM couldn't get above. WYNN ... same thing... nasty.)

LLY - back into the weekly Keltner. Testing the 10-week. Near the 55-day MA. Trigger below that 742 for a play into 712, 700, & then 672.

META - calls coming in.

MSFT - dumped below the 55-day MA. Busted the 10-week but has not yet broken the weekly trend. 21-week still lower support (around 400 massive support.) ABOUT TO PUSH LOWER.... 397 PT. Needs to get protected if you are long MSFT. Looks like the "next shoe to drop"

NVDA - at 850; Still have 823 as short PT.

NKE - bounce still working. Looks great. Has a lot of junk over head.

NXPI - 215 PT

NVO - would be tough to swing long if LLY is a short. It's been bleeding lower every week.

NFLX - needs to break 594.

RIG - Sad;

RKT - highest "short" stock for a housing crash bet (hedge funds).

RTX - stay above 82.50 as a long. "if 80 then 100-" is done - make the move. Sideways now.

SNAP - 10.70 weekly support; really spiking higher. META green.

SMH - short still in play. 207 next PT. Below the 55-day now. The only hope now is for a "V" play ... (not likely).

SAP - broke the 55-day; 21-week below as a short PT. German proxy play. (like TM for Japan).

STX - on support; get back above 88 weekly.

SMCI - couldn't get above the resistance.

TSLA - 150 flat; overshoot that short into 146. A little patience.

TXT - testing 93.45 weekly. If that breaks we likely head back down.

$TM - careful if long. This looks like it is going to roll over.

TSM - next level to break is 130 weekly

UNH - made a gap fill higher; solid push back above the 55-day MA. Tagged the 200-week & made it back above 100week.

QCOM - 158 then 153 short PT. Broke the 55-day; bollingers expanding. 10-week broken. Looks like the $TSM chart.

VRTX - keep it above 387 weekly.

VKTX - stunning but even this has profit taking. Still above the 10-week.

XLF - stay above 40 hourly if long - that will be the test. will be tough; double resistance above.

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