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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 2/23/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

Market above 5030 rose 70 handles and maintains its bullish bent
Breadth still holding under the surface
No sell off in FAANG stocks
Retail stocks have been moving higher keep an eye on JWN
QQQ still seeing 444
IWM breakouts above 200, 210 Calls coming in for 3.5 million
VIX below 14.49 is market bullishSQ tagged sam’s 83 price target and softening
CVNA above 67 pushed 72 and 76 targets now digesting this move, above we have 80,86
NVDA if u want too short keep it under 813
SMCI below 886 we can see 800
XBI over 94.32 can approach 96,98.97
AMZN heading to 177.5 next above 175
KRE below 47.59 we see 46,45

Best Chases: SMCI short to 834 then 794 potential for lotto Friday
and NVDA short to 779 to 776.80 potential for lotto Friday

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary


T2104 - nothing.

Weighted Dollar / Yields - Still between 280 / 275 & chopping about.

MAG7 - gapped premarket completely outside of yesterdays range. Near highs. Bullish daily / weekly. Bullish Engulfing weekly.

IWF:IWD - MACD still rolled over but still not fading to zero line. Back above the 10-day MA.

WTI Crude - continues to move away from 79.11 daily. A mess. Slogging sideways to lower.

GOLD (futures) - Bullish % Index suggests this is not done going down.

Bit Coin - Chopping in the channel. Take care if you have proxies in this space.


Dollar (DXY) - holding under 104 daily. trying to fashion a push higher.

USDJPY - holding under 150.88 daily. Mini "scoop" pattern daily. Approaching intervention collar area.


TNX - getting above 4.36% will be tough

ZN (10Y) - 109'16 daily seems to be acting as support. 5 days we have chopped at this level. 110'16 seems to be daily resistance & that becomes our channel. Follow the TL lower.

ZT (2Y) - fell into PT. Still looking for 101 to continue acting as stability.

10Y/2Y spread - expecting -0.60% still ... but holding sideways with a range -0.20 / -0.40. Weekly MACD bullish while daily MACD nearing a zero line cross-down.


SPX - pretty well bid. Sam said we could get parabolic. Cheers if you took that. Could see the gap up brought back in today.

IWM - move June Calls are coming in - hitting above the ask. Looks like they are selling the 195 puts to buy the calls.

QQQ - 444 still the PT. Really easy. Past that - 472.

SVXY - didn't break down; chopping.

VIX - not doing anything.


AMZN - heading to 177.5 next above 175

CVNA above 67 can see 72.79,76.00. 76 about to tag some digestion here before 80

KRE below 47.59 we see 46,45

QQQ softening come back down to 438

SMCI below 886 we have 800

VIX below 14.49 is bullish

XBI over 94.32 can approach 96,98.97


MCD - headed to 300. Above 300 would be even better.


ACN - new trend play - not a fast mover.

BJ - like a baby COST. Weekly 71 resistance. Needs to get above that.

CPRT - boring but profitable. New entry on the trend long list.

GD - still like it. Has done nothing wrong.

HD - trend long. Firm above 375.

INTU - added recently to trends - looking really great. Still time.


AMD - 184.92 long PT today. (that is also weekly resistance). PT hourly 85$.

ARM - digesting 126.

APO - Moved their options into 2026 LEAPS. Bullish positioning. Still looks great. 160 JAN 2026 LEAPS.

AJG - does not make money on their money if yields fall - trying to come back in.

AMZN - likely lasts this year. Will come into distribution when we see a growth to value rotation but it's a likely good long play with duration.

BRKB - extremely profitable from the "buffet bet" into Japan... he is calling it 1 of the 3 greatest plays in his career.

BMRN - earnings play. Sideways stock; nice candle weekly. Above 94 & then above 98 would be better. Above the 200-day MA. Poked out of the daily BB but came back in.

BMY - above 53.50 is a better place. It's doing fine).

COIN - time to take some profits.

COST - massive breakout.

BKNG - did not do well. That is a bull trap. Looks nasty - looks lower. 3550 likely. Bearish Engulfing weekly. 55-day Short PT. Below 3540 could pick up speed to the down-side.

FNG - Looks like $HD

GS - 389.58 weekly resistance has held a long time. Above is bullish.

IRM - document storage / destroyer. Blue Sky. Lot's of US Government contracts. Looking great.

JBHT - massively bullish candle. Could get above 218.

MELI - 1608 hourly support broke. If it stops here it could bounce into 1650 (not likely) ... otherwise we likely see an "h" pattern and go into 1541. On Monthly support right now.

NVDA - made the 666 PT & overshoot into gap fill into 622.75 if you were willing to hold it into earnings to make those PT's - CHEERS for you. Bullish Expansion Bar weekly. Likely goes parabolic from here.

NVDA - if you want to short keep it below 813 hourly.

PFE - under the 55-day MA. Bollinger Bands on daily are pinching in. Just coming into Weekly Keltner from the lows.

RXRX - tied into NVDA play. Starting to look more supported 4 sure.

SMCI - Sam said it wasn't done. 920.56 weekly holding resistance.

TSCO - weekly chart looks great.

XLV - has not doe anything wrong. 3 years of sideways then pop. Will come back to test but that is a great breakout for an ETF. There are bottom fishing plays in here to seek. (BMY, PFE).

A few Plays

CVNA - earnings speculative play. tagged 70 hourly after reporting. 67.67 daily PT then 72.59 PT weekly. Wicked Bullish. Above 61 it can double (not immediately - just time time). Short interest of interest. Apollo came in a few years back to help save it. Tagging the 200-week MA. Careful here. 76.44 likely all you get today.

SQ - earnings speculative play. 78PT w/ overshoot into 80 was the play. Exactly there. Weekly 80.29 weekly resistance & PT hit. 83 daily next pt. Wicked Bullish. Call the current PT 81 hourly. Do not be surprised if this fades back to 75 / 76 area on a pullback.

Trading Desk - Option Brokers - Doing really well. "Zero Day" commissions really profit for the company.




FOUR ETF's that are out-side of the rat race but are doing really well.

XBI - Like this a lot.

IPO - Like this a lot.

IWM - a little sluggish.

XRT - Getting bid more and more.

QQQJ - new ETF.

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Recorded Live Trading Room
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