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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 2/26/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

There is rotation under the surface into small caps
Market 5090 pivot , below we have 5038,4983 digesting but not broken yet
Breadth still holding under the surface
SVXY above 109 is market bullish
IWM above 200 can see 203.55
XBI,XRT,GBTC,BITO continuing its bullish bent
Lot of mini auctions coming in that could impact the USDJPY To move higher/lower pressuring equities , bears are watching the rates
CVNA above 72.59 can see 76,80
MSTR/COIN/MARA running on rotation; coin 183 resistance above we have 187
(MARA earnings will impact the bitcoin drama)
CRWD called on earnings gap-down that it will get bought and fill gap, now tagging 310 target, above if it digests can see 321 next
PBF above 57 is another run
AMD sam still looking for it to hit 185
DPZ 469 resistance level
GOOGL 138.30 then well see
CRM to 311.50 above 295 digest above 300 to continuePANW - Pelosi bought calls everyone chasing ZS/CRWD rising as sympathies
SQ came down to 76 price target now if it holds can push back to 80

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary

Government Shut Down threat back on the table. The White House meeting about the possible government shut-down is scheduled for Tuesday.

Fed BlackOut starts at the end of the week.

PCE data this week likely becomes the focus for the markets.

IWF:IWD - closed up on the week but still inside last weeks levels. Still chopping about the 1.90 area.

MAG7 - closed up on the week but still inside last weeks levels. Still chopping about the highs on a weekly chart. Large green engulfing bar weekly.

Weighted Dollar / Yields - held between 280 / 275 & chopped about last week before breaking lower that 275 towards the end of the week. Spiking up this morning but still not close to 280.


T2100 - a little weakness but no worries.

T2104 - still have net buying. Government shut-down threat still not hitting the markets.

T2123 - came in very bullish. Still moving higher. Breadth is still bullish.

T2126 - extended.

WTI Crude - 75.65 btm & 79.11 top ... that is our channel of chop.

GOLD (futures) - The Bullish % Index still has not triggered. GOLD & MINERS are starting to "stop falling" and Sam think's we still have time.

Bit Coin - Watching the proxies but has not triggered.


Dollar (DXY) - continues to soften. Sloshing about.

USDJPY - Still pushing towards that intervention level 152 area. Focus still on Japan. Slow grind higher (not sharp).


IRX - this is VERY BULLISH. Back above the 200-day. THIS IS ONE TO WATCH... and we have auctions today.

FVX - bullish above the 200.

TNX - Getting pushed back at 3.5 / 3.6%. Above that 4.36 would be "telling" but Sam does not expect that.

TLT - the sloping 200-day continues to fall. Every spike to be sold.

ZN (10Y) - 109'16 daily seems to be acting as support. 5 days we have chopped at this level. 110'16 seems to be daily resistance & that becomes our channel. Follow the TL lower. Short still working.

ZT (2Y) - fell into PT. Still looking for 101 to continue acting as stability.

10Y/2Y spread - expecting -0.60% still ... but holding sideways with a range -0.20 / -0.40. Weekly MACD bullish while daily MACD nearing a zero line cross-down.


IWM above 200 can see 203.55

SPX - above 5100 we'll go manic.


5094.39 daily is the level to stay below (for a short). Could fall back down if we hold below. 5080 put wall needs to break. 5038.70 tag then to a gap fill of 4983 (the 21-day).

SPY - Could see a possible H&S on the hourly with a possible pullback before the White House meeting this week. Needs a trigger.

QQQ - Chopping at the 437; productive. 444 still the PT.

SVXY - Oh my. Above above 109 area weekly will be bullish. Market is bullish & thats' that.


AMD - Sam looking for it to hit 185

COIN - 183 resistance above we have 187

CVNA above 72.59 can see 76,80

CRWD tagging 310 target, above if it digests can see 321 next

CRM to 311.50 above 295 digest above 300 to continue

DPZ - 469 resistance level on dominos

GOOGL 138.30 then well see

ZM little oversold little pop into 65.4 above 64.12


BRK.B - Trend long still looking good. Break 420 to come back into 412 then 408. Could be considered profit taking.

TJX - earnings in 2 days - may need to protect.


AMD - looking for a push above 185. Has to get above that for a cont long.

AMZN - daily "scoop" pattern. Added finally to the DIA. 174.50 is trigger for a short but that is not "base case" play.

AMR - looks good but no options

ABBV - above 176.00 weekly. Doing great.

BABA - tough - over-sold levels.

BIRK - no earnings edge. Looks productive but that earnings is a issue.

BLNK - may be worth a lotto. Keep it above 3.00 hourly or 3.06 daily. 3.45 daily long pt. Above that we have the 200-day PT.

CRM - looks fine. Has earnings in 2-days. Very nice looking chart. Bullish into 311 & then we'll see.

CLDX - 43.65 weekly taken out. Nice "scoop" pattern. Stay above 43 daily. Above 48 would get very bullish.

CRWD - called the recovery. Came right back up. came back up 307.

CHK - cut production. (Look at LNG too... ships to Europe).

CVNA - coming back into a TL support (65 area). It's productive but likely goes sideways to digest.

DPZ - good news / earnings. Strong pop up. 469 weekly "Absolute" resistance.

FL - doing good. Foot ware coming up from the bottoms

GOOGL - Some News over the weekend. AI drama over the weekend. Should see 138.30 before they defend this low.

LI - has a nice IV. News this morning gave it a pop. Stay above 37.80 weekly to remain productive.

LOW - earnings on deck; running a little into earnings.

MELI - earnings play didn't work well but Sam thinks it comes back.

MPC - must have news.

MU - pushed into resistance.

MSFT - looks a little soggy but it just got a large order of DEC 26 options (360 calls).

OXY - Berkshire does not want to buy this (announced over the weekend).

PBF - above 47 looks like it could run. Stay above that.

SQ - earnings went well. Sam warned about 75.90 weekly getting tested.

SPRB - great looking chart - ran into 5.80 weekly level. Needs to get above that for a cont play.

SNOW - reporting in 2 days. No edge in earnings.

SMCI - sitting here.

TEVA - partner announcement.

TJX - Feb 28 earnings. Working under the surface.

TSLA - nothing here.

$U - 31.83 hourly is the level to stay above. Earnings on the table.

UBER - added to Dow Jones. If 80$ then 100$.

VALE - continues to fall. Nothing here.

VLO - Get above 147 weekly to cont higher. Looks very productive.

WDAY - above 308 bullish below... not so much. Announcement after the close.

WMT - Walmart 3-for-1 stock split effective today

XBI - one of the 4 "horse" that have not been doing well but may begin to do well as a broader market run.

XLE - has to get above 86.50 daily. Still snaking. Above would be a bullish continuation (& that tech would soften).

ZS - called the recovery. Came right back up.

ZM - earnings on deck. May be oversold but the IV is very high.

The 4 ETF's that Sam is really focused on right now to avoid the "crowded trade" in the MAG7:





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