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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 5/14/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

MEME MANIA continued from yesterday
SPWR,BYND,CHWY,BB, GME all did great now digesting their moves
above is good just remember
ALSO, SPWR, BYND, BB, LMND + FCEL look really good, still.
DXY is chopping sideways on the weekly coming back down to 104
USDJPY is pushing down intraday
Yields also are just softening
TLT looking to see if we can get above 91 for 93
BYND over 8.88 next is 9.6,11
Roku above 64 running into 66,68,71
AAPL 188 tagged, needs above 188.30 for 191
VLO approaching second target at 152
PDD puts being sold above 138 can push 141,145
GME below 49 has gap fill to 39 be careful
BB 3.5 tagged, seeing some digestion
LMND above 18.50 pushing to 21,23
FCEL >0.81 for weekly breakout
BLNK - also popping higher then pulling back into 200D at 3.26 and moving higher into $4 area

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary

MAY 14, 2024 AM

PPI - came in hotter than expected which caught the market off-sides (causing a quick selloff & rebound back to the 8:30am print.

MAG7 - (5) days of long wick candles (long on both sides) and holding in a tight daily range. This morning premarket is slightly gapped lower but still holding well above the 10-day MA. This really looks like it has been correcting in time (not price) giving that 10-MA time to catch up. Watching close for a change of the range.

Weighted Dollar / Yields Ratio - still under 300 (above there is bearish the market). Chopping around 290 daily.

IWF:IWD - Continues to print lower lows on the daily; still holding under 1.94 daily. Chopping in a wide range on the daily but has gapped up strongly this premarket. 10, 20, & 50MA daily are tangled together but price is above them all. Growth is soft;


T2100 - green

T2104 - still buying. All time highs.

T2123 - extended

T2126 - green

WTI CRUDE - back under 79.11$ - chopping sideways on daily from 79.50 to 78.00. The daily H&S measured move (MM) target #1 has been hit; next lower (MM) is 75.50 area.

GOLD (futures) - 2350 daily still ... trying to take back the fade lower from yesterday. Still in a broad range.

Bit Coin - still no follow-through.


Dollar (DXY) - still in a wide range. resting within yesterdays range which is inside Friday's range.

USDJPY - above 156; looking for a 3rd intervention. It's very likely. JGB 10Y "if 0.80 then 1.00" & hitting near that 1.00 likely adds to the need for intervention.

USDCNH - providing stimi but it's not really showing through yet.

EURUSD - seems like a push up from the hot PPI has legs and that weaker DXY adding to the push as well. Watching for any sign that the DXY is turning back to change this outlook.


TLT - still under the 50-day MA but above the 10 & 20 MA's. Above the 3-day MA as well; Yesterday gapped up (r2g) and closed under it's open. Today we have gapped up again (r2g) and have faded to test the 3-day but are still above it. 91 daily resistance still holding & 90 daily support still holding. Still within the MAY 9th candle.

TNX - looking for a fade into the lower TL (by the 55-day MA). 4.688 weekly resistance holding. Could see 4.33% (which is the 200-day).

ZN (10Y) - still sideways. above the 10 & 20MA but that is really all we can say.

ZT (2Y) - grinding lower in a sideways fade. Fell under the 10 & 20 MA but rallied back up again.


NYSE - Still sitting inside Fridays price range (so 2 days of "inside days" as we wait on PPI, CPI, and Powell). PPI is now over & Powell is now over - but we still have CPI tomorrow and the range is holding. The ADV DEC issues is bullish.

SPX - Still sitting inside Fridays price range (so 2 days of "inside days" as we wait on PPI, CPI, and Powell). PPI is now over & Powell is now over - but we still have CPI tomorrow and the range is holding.

SPY - 7-million shares this morning (GME 64 mil & AMC 97 mil shares this morning).

IWM - r2g - after closing near the lows yesterday we gapped up completely outside yesterdays highs; faded back to test yesterdays open but is still holding at yesterdays highs.

QQQ pushing into 445.34 target

VIX - popped above the 10-day MA but faded back under it. Popped outside of yesterdays high and has faded back to rest on it.

SVXY - broke under the 3-day but came back above; broke under yesterdays price but came back above; slightly weak.


AAPL 188 tagged, needs above 188.30 for 191

BYND over 8.88 next is 9.6,11

BB 3.5 tagged, seeing some digestion

GME below 49 has gap fill to 39 be careful

LMND above 18.50 pushing to 21,23

PDD puts being sold above 138 can push 141,145

ROKU above 64 running into 66,68,71

VLO approaching second target at 152


AAPL - hit the PT; cheers.

AMZN - rejected weekly resistance.

AI - expected short-covering.

BLNK - buyable into the weekly TL (at 4.00)

BYND - looks decent. Nice base. 8.97 hourly didn't break yet; that would be weakness if it happens.

BABA - earnings. Clearly a trend reversal; above the 200day. Stay above 76 / 77 area. Came right back to the 200-day.

BB - hitting the 50-week. Likely gets above it. Jumped over the 200-day MA.

BYND - Jumped over the 200-day MA. Should stay above 8.88 and cont to move into 10, 11, 12, 13, ect.

BIG - ... well... ya. Hitting the 200-day MA & rejected. Protracted Downtrend. 6.00 weekly resistance & 50-week resistance. Still inside the weekly Keltner channel top. Still in play.

COST - soft. Needs to get above 787.

CGC - needs to clear 10 to push into 11.50

CAKE - above the daily BB breakout; nice one. Not really a lot of options. Not a short covering chase either it seems.

CELH - looks good. If 80 then 100 - already triggered above 80. Testing daily channel bands. Weekly - broke out of the Kelt bands.

FIS - been watching this for a while. Thin - but like it

FCEL - nice reversal candle on weekly; has a lot of work to do. Clearly in play. Poor options.

HD - having a little bit of trouble; consumers are softening. Evening Star reversal daily. Will affect COST. Strong support - should hang in there.

HTZ - stay above 6.00 weekly w/ a PT into 7.00 - this has triggered a gamma squeeze. Passing through the 55-day MA. Stay above 6.35 daily

JBLU - also getting excited here.

JMIA - another "amazon" type name holding in there.

LMND - really like the weekly BB squeeze. 21PT and then overshoot into 24 PT.

MAXN - looking hot.

MPW - testing that 50-week & needs to keep it.

NVAX - big pop. cont strongly. 18.55 gap fill on weekly.

OPEN - potential double from 2.00 to 4.00

PLUG - popping.

PDD - continue to see short puts traded here.

PBF - 45 short PT. (goes with VLO short). Continued short working fine.

RDFN - above the 200-day MA. See some options flows - bullish activity. very bullish

Aug 8 call buy & 11 call sells & 8 put sells seen on the tape (that is a bullish trade for scratch)

ROKU - popping. 64 is the 55-day MA. Getting chased. Could tag the 100-day MA. Getting the money flow treatment. Options getting hammered as well.

RKT - part of the "warm summer housing" theme. They have been gunning for this over the last few days.

SPWR - high S.I. saw this getting short squeeze. Closed above the 55-day MA. It's a solar company and it's kinda junk but that doesn't matter; see 7.77 hourly as a PT. Gapped above the 200-day.

STZ - not doing well.

SPCE - keep it above the 55-day MA (or 1.23). Options are stupid.

SAVE - at resistance but it if continues then 5.18 PT and 5.98 PT. Has 27% S.I.

TECH - looks great as a "trend breakout"

VLO - 152 short pt. break that for 146 pT. Great H&S pattern. can cont into the 200-day MA.

WMT - earnings this week. Careful if you are still in COST.

XRT - popped yesterday as part of the MEME chase. Recovered to the MARCH highs. IWM, XBI, and XRT were expected to go into distribution - this pop is likely from the GME "MEME" stock pop.

ZIM - looks great. 15.50 weekly breakout working well. Looking better.









Possible "after earnings" plays (longs) here

$C - stay above 61.67 weekly.




ALEX Plays in the Biotech Space

TGTX - going great

RNA - looks wonderful. get above 27.66 weekly.

NVAX - freak of nature.

TMDX - crazy. 129.66 weekly needs to keep.

NNVC - thin but it's elevated. Staying up near that 2.00 aera.

CADL - long & strong at it. Has not broken the trend.

VKTX - still a "young one" relative to NVO and LLY. Only short under the 10-week

RXRX - NVDA investment that uses AI in their database. Inverse H&S pattern. Love it above the 55 & 200-day MA. Above the 10.23 daily level. the MM is 2.00 ... so about 11.37 or 11.50 PT.

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