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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 3/26/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

Yields and the market still holding firm
No Volatility present in the FX market either
TLT potential head and shoulders setting up above 92 into 96,100
SPX needs above 5225 for 5250; 5300 in time
VIX will squeeze in time and make a big move watch for the 15$ level to break and hold on the weekly
TSLA can get above 182 then bullish to 180.9,194.50
DKNG headed to 51,52.2 above 48
VKTX 77 tagged, 84 next above can see 88.75,100
SQ needs above 85.52 for 89.9
ARM 145 tagging, next is 150 must stay above 143
MDLZ may 70$ puts low iv play
IIPR sam's favorite marijuana REIT
GTBC 62 is pivot , below we see 59,57 above65
GM approaching 45.52
ANF 122 tagged, still a short needs to break the 10 week

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary

MAR 26, 2024 AM

News - Baltimore's Key Bridge collapse will affect cars and coal (as a starting point). Shipping & shipping insurance & any company that uses that post of call for staging their products.

Alex Interview Wednesday after the close.

MAG7 - doji yesterday; this morning attempting to break out of yesterdays range (upwards) but lacking in the follow-through so far.

Weighted Dollar / Yields Ratio - 280 / 260 channel; still chopping about.

IWF:IWD - strong gap up this morning; yesterday was a small day tangled up within the daily MA's but this morning we have gapped up above last weeks range.


T2100 - still bullish weekly. Still moving higher.

T2104 - Still firmly in weekly trend & still have buying.

T2123 - still looking for this to break down (not showing yet). Coming into the NOV 2021 high...

T2126 - bullish but petering out.

WTI Crude - attempting to push above 82.00 daily again. Above 83 would be drama. Has not pushed higher.

GOLD (futures) - 2200 still daily resistance; bullish still this morning. Channel 2140 to 2200 ... anything above 2009 is bullish & anything above 2200 is very bullish.

Nat Gas -nothing here.

Bit Coin - still holding above 70k; little pop but still not a signal for long play. Peter'ed out & slightly red.


Dollar (DXY) - weak;

USDJPY - doji close yesterday & so far this morning very tight doji again; careful. This is getting tight at that 151.50 area daily.

BOJ (10Y) - holding under 0.75% & chopping sideways.

USDCHF - starting to move higher.

EURJPY - back to weekly resistance. Still very bullish.


TLT - Gapped lower monday and closed at 93.50 daily. So far this morning - we have not really moved. Don't look good. Big picture we could work back into 100.00$

TNX - Gapped up Monday and closed near the highs of the session; overnight we gapped back down to yesterdays open & have run back up to yesterdays close. Strong chance this pushes back up into 4.3% and puts pressure on small caps.

ZN (10Y) - still weak; gap closed; holding under 111.

ZT (2Y) - Gap still not closed; still weak.

10/2 spread - focus is still on which direction the fed takes & the targets leave us with 0.60% or 0.00% --


BXM - have not seen any weakness yet. Still very tight. The markets have not decided to sell.

SPX - 5300 called out yesterday. 5340 PT has been talked about all year. This week could be a surprise move into 5260 daily. 5249 is next PT higher.

SPY - closed gapped down doji yesterday; opened gapped up and outside of yesterdays range but so far today have just stayed here sideways. Still holding weekly highs.

IWM - up 0.60% this morning. Longs need time.

QQQ - nothing exciting yet. Makes sense to get some puts short term but still bullish long term.

VIX - will squeeze and cause a big move eventually. Watch the 50-week (or the bollinger top) for a breakout; above 15.00 weekly should be drama.

SVXY - gapped up this morning - but not really pushing more from there.


ARM 145 tagging, next is 150 must stay above 143

DKNG headed to 51, 52.2

MDLZ may 70$ puts low iv play

SPX needs above 5225 for 5250

SQ needs above 85.52 for 89.9

TSLA can get above 182 then bullish to 194.50

VKTX 77 tagged, 84 next above can see 88.75,100

Honorable Mentions

Casinos are moving higher this morning. CZR - LVS - MGM

AAPL - 165.70 - PT

ANET - the CEO likely gets fined for insider trading. (news)

AAP - still have some digestion ahead; likely holds 72.00 weekly (would be a good buy there).

ANNX - looks great. Needs time for the 10 to come up.

ARM - keep it above 143 daily / weekly.

ANF - still a short; still working. 10week needs to break.

AMD - a hair red.

AMZN - a hair red.

BABA - maybe it holds at 70.50 weekly; pathetic.

DKNG - doing great; 49 daily breakout.

CEIX - likely will get hit due to the news about the Baltimore's Key Bridge collapse. Paused at 79 weekly;

CLSK - 23.50 weekly resistance. Insider selling reported. Major resistance here weekly / monthly. Bullish above 23.60 weekly *&* the mean is around 17.00$ area. Keep it above 21.00 (but likely we come back & test 21.00$)

COIN - still working;

CPNG - above the 200day MA. Bollinger Bands pinching in daily.

DELL - reducing it's workforce; posted a Q4 revenue drop - tested the daily 21-MA.

FXY - 60.87 PT.

FUTU - bearish. Sitting above all the daily MA's. Breaking 53 offers 50 / 49 area.

GOOGL - has not filled the gap.

GBTC - tested the 21-day and bounced; remember that 1st time is a bounce - second time is a break of the 21-day MA. Likely would affect a lot of other things in that space.

GLD - popped up from the bridge explosion news.

GEHC - above weekly 94 would be very bullish. Getting tested right here.

HOOD - still working. Not a short.

HSY - shorts still have room. Getting below 10 & 21 week. 188 gap fill will hit. Breaking 188 offers 181.00. Keep it below 196.

IPO - doing well.

IIPR - pot stock company (a REIT).

IP - above 40.25 weekly. Still bullish. 41.90 weekly / monthly resistance. Caution there. Above 42 will be a more bullish long play.

LULU - finally - the 100week.

LCID - stay above 3.00$ weekly.

MU - acting like SMCI.

$MA - tested the 21-day MA and holding / digesting there.

META - doing well with news.

MKC - guided in range - flat; Above the 200-day MA but the MA is down-slopping.

MDLZ - may follow the HSY road. Bearish; has options... 70 strike puts are coming in. Below the 200-day MA & likely stays there w/ lower lows & a PT at 68.00

MGM - looks like a possible short at 47; longs would need to get above that

NFLX - rolling over. Bollinger Bands Squeeze breakdown. Recovered on the hourly.

NVDA - still bullish flows. 1,000$ strike calls continue to come in.

NTGR - looks good. Breakout weekly above 15.50. Holding well above 55-day MA. The 200-day is just flattening out so it is going to take time. Stay above 14.90 weekly.

PYPL - long still. Looking good. Slowly working higher. PT's 68 and then 71

PDD - dumped. below 138 is a short; currently below 118; still have a 200-MA lower; likely chops sideways for a while.

PRAX - looks great weekly / daily. 78.75 weekly possible resistance. Very bullish; retesting 60 would not surprise. could use a stop around 56 area. Hit 80 premarket - it likely goes sideways to higher back into 80 again.

QCOM - sideways at 168; doing fine. Unless it breaks down it is just fine.

SMCI - sideways weekly.

SQ - still long.

SNAP - moving high with META

SPOT - still going; pretty strong gap this morning.

TTD - call was - above 83 "it's good"

TSLA - 167.50 weekly minor support offering a bounce area. Gapped up hourly. Touched 180 hourly. Get above 182 resistance weekly for a very bullish move into 194.50 PT. Above 182 - now needs to keep it.

UPS - going to have a tough time; has event this morning. Down Sloping 200-day MA is overhead. Touching the 55-day MA.

WOOD - moving higher again.

WDC - has been great. 69 weekly is resistance. above that is very bullish. STX is similar space. Moving higher also. Very bullish.

XBI - holding the 10-week; still has not turned higher.

XRT - bullish still.

Weight Loss Plays

VKTX - very positive in the weight loss space. Hit 84.00$ premarket. Still have 88 daily. Possible M&A plays. 60 / 90 channel. Likely digests before pushing higher.

GPCR - weight-loss play.

LLY - weight-loss play.

NVO - weight-loss play.


CGC - is getting bought up again. Above the 200-day MA but its a down slopping MA.

TLRY - lot of work to do.

IIPR - a REIT for the space.

MSOS - a "pot" ETF

MJ - a "pot" ETF


TSLA - pushed into / through 182; congrats

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