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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 6/07/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

Sector Rotations are few:
Bitcoin proxies are kinda bid: I like COIN higher the best.
Meme proxies are kinda bid: SPWR is still my fave meme with BYND
Industrial and Precious Metals falling hard on USD bounce - but they had already been in digestion mode.
USDJPY moving sharply higher with 10Y + USD has not slowed equities and yet not a lot of energy either. Markets are waiting on CPI + FOMC Wednesday plus NVDA 10:1 split effective Mon.
NFP showed labor supply & demand are more in balance helping remove Dec Fed rate cut. Market doesn't seem to care: accommodative Fed or accelerating growth. They have both!
Gold looks at risk of falling further as US economy shows resilience and Russia/BRICs move away from USD + settle more trade locally. Also news of China stopped buying after 18 month run.
But with soft commodities bid and my 10Y 4.2% PT still my baseline bet, I suspect this bond trounce will get reversed after FOMC. And gold/silver will do fine big picture.
Chase Thought:
I am worried that markets here may reverse lower in the afternoon and SPX gets back/closes < 5340. QQQ breaks/closes below 460. Both would negate the wkly breakout + set us up for more chop until we drop plays
PYPL Needs above 67.5 for 69.8, 71
PLTR digest above 23.6/24 to push higher
NKE above 96.22 pushing to 98,100
CAT needs to get back above 334 area for 353
AMZN PUSHING INTO 186.5, 189.6
COIN pushing above 260 for 270
UBER needs above 69.50 for 71,73
BB trying to move ahead 2.89 into 3.1
TSM approaching 165
DOCU below 50.74 we have 48, 46.6

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary

JUNE 7, 2024 AM

MAG7 - Gapped into YTD - Highs & then stalled yesterday; fell back into Wednesdays price range. Gapped lower slightly this morning.

Weighted Dollar / Yields Ratio - sharply higher into 288 after hitting Sams 280 PT.

IWF:IWD - Gapped into YTD - Highs & then stalled yesterday; was gapped again this morning before the NFP data (into 2.01)

GOLD (futures) - Careful on the gold.

Bit Coin - tested 72k again briefly. Little follow through


Dollar (DXY) - strong pop on data - above 104.50 this morning.

USDJPY - testing 157 daily; still in a range.

EURJPY - not the drama.


TLT - fell pre-market below 92.00 daily. Looks like it wants to test 91.50$ daily. TLT - 91.30 PT

TNX - popped above 4.4% in the pre-market.

ZN (10Y) - tagged & came back down

ZT (2Y) - tagged & came back down


SPX - Bouncing. No selling yet. No triggers.

SPY - Bouncing. No selling yet. No triggers.

QQQ - 461.70 needs to bust. Above is bullish / below is not. Massive divergence on the hourly - yet the stock is rising.

VIX - no volatility - itty bitty amount; not falling apart.

BXM - flat.


AMZN PUSHING INTO 186.5, 189.6

BB trying to move ahead 2.89 into 3.1

COIN pushing above 260 for 270

DOCU below 50.74 we have 48, 46.6

PYPL 67.5 tag and hard reject, needs to get above to become a swing

QQQ breaks 461.70 then it has lower levels to fill including the gap at 454.50; a hold likely pushes it to 463,465

TSM approaching 165

UBER needs above 69.50 for 71,73


LLY - cont higher. Option flow is ... not there.


MEME STOCKS - are the opposite of the MAG7 stocks; these are lit today. GME, AMC - obvious ones are moving; looking at the less obvious ones.

ADBE - trend is broken.

AMZN - looks good. 189 weekly still in focus.

AMD - no follow-through.

ARM - above 126 offer 142 area. Still working. Moving higher slowly; hanging out at the 3-day.

BYND - needs to trigger 8.19. More believable -

CVS - some talk of a possible M&A play...? Not very smooth chart.

CAT - get above 334 for possible run higher.

COIN - example of BTC proxies doing fine. Bullish action. 270 call - OTM of decent size.

CVNA - tagged the 10W. Still above the 55-day MA & still above the "100 dollar round number" - 86 weekly is a critical level to watch.

$C - changes their "rate cut" guesstimate for Sept.

EXPE - wow. (BKNG is better). Has some junk up here.

EWW - could take several weeks before it forms a pattern.

GDX - shake n bake.

HIMS - keep it above the 8-day MA

IRM - great move higher.

MTCH - coming up from bottom. Looking better. Coming in at 32.73.

MBLY - aggressive call buying (AA or above the ask). Some analyst upgrades & news of participating in a conference. 30.89 PT. Stay above 28.58

MMM - testing 101; needs above that to move higher.

NVO - still strong.

NKE - starting to look interesting. Getting up off the bottom.

NVDA - 1490 calls coming in. JULY Monthly expiry.

PYPL - Hit PT's yesterday. 67.50 JUNE calls. Get above 67.58. Very Nice. Still Very Supported.

PLTR - no follow-through. Rumors of this getting added to the S&P. Digest 24.64 & get above.

RKT - love it above 15.00 weekly.

SLV - 27.17 has to hold.

SHOP - Amazon of Canada; trying to get above 60.00$. Going to hit it's head at 64.30 daily & then the 55-day & then the 200-day. Stay above 60.00$

SPWR - slowly grinding higher but still under the 200-day MA. Still a high short interest.

TJX - cont move higher.

UBER - get above 69.30

XME - needs to get back inside.

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Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc
Recorded Live Trading Room
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