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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 3/07/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

QQQ 443.77 gap filled, likely chops here for a bit if GOLD takes off , thats a headwind for equities
VIX below 14.49 is market bullish, but if we get a macro risk trigger - Powell or non farm payrolls Friday morning - we could spike into 15.21, but market is truly not at risk until we get/stay > 15.21
GLD 199.7 target met, likely digests
TLT pulling back after tagging 96.33 exactly. Not bullish until TLT can get/stay above 97 on WKLY.
Strong Breadth under the surface cannot short the market
Tech concentration risk is extreme, rotation is bullish for the everything rally
Energy rotation is getting a lift
DXY 102.8 could be a bounce zone for reversal
CRWD below 329 we have 315,307
NVDA above 898 can see 911,925; stay above 900 ideally to continue to a 1000 but is extended careful
INTC above 46 next is 47.81
TSLA above 178 next is 180.3/5
HAL needs to get above 36 to approach 38.5( energy been out of play for a while)
CVNA 86 major resistance level to clear to approach a 100
PLTR above 27 next 28.29
VLO above 147 we have 152.20
PBF $55 calls lighting up (edited) 
ANF short below 131
DXCM bullish on news , especially holding above 132
RNA posted last week was bullish into 20.80. NEEDS to get/stay above to really ignite.
BTU finally - needs 27.28 trigger for higher
BJ great earnings beat - above 74 remains bullish
RMD trigger is 192 bullish
NEWS moving HPQ: needs 31 for take off
NVDA:  NVIDIA and HP Supercharge Data Science and Generative AI on Workstations

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary

MARCH 7, 2024 AM

Weighted Dollar / Yields Ratio - Below 263.50 and continues to fade lower; as an inverse tool to the S&P we see this weakness as tailwinds to the market.

IWF:IWD - Well below 1.95 line in the sand. Testing again the 50-day MA. Under the 20 day and the 10 day MA's. MACD has crossed and is pointing towards the zero line (but is still above it for now). Sitting on support.


T2104 - net buying

T2123 - positive breadth. Coming up into a monthly level of resistance. (Last time was Aug).

T2100 - bullish

T2126 - bullish.

WTI Crude - Still holding under 80$ daily. MACD looks about to cross but still well extended above the Zero Line. Chopping at 79.11 & It's an election year so "not allowed to go up"

GOLD (futures) - Managed to maintain the breakout above 2150; testing 2163 in the pre-market. MACD daily near previous reversal zones. Could pull back on a hot print. Sam called long above 2009 so that has worked well as a long call.

Nat Gas - holding around the 2.00 level - chopping sideways with the MACD pushing up towards the zero line.

Bit Coin - Pushed into 69K before falling off sharply over-night. Has made back a lot of the loss but is still below 67.5k premarket. Firm above 65k - not a short until we cut below.


Dollar (DXY) - 103 daily looks more and more certain. The DXY fell below 103.50 yesterday and closed near the lows of the day - this morning it is still holding those lows of yesterday. Lazy looking. Range of Chop (weekly). Watch for a Dollar pullback if we get "hot" job numbers

USDJPY - Hints of a BOJ rate increase over-night spiked the YEN into a 1-month high & Japanese Bank shares rose. Broke through 148 daily level. Back to the 100-day MA. Overshot the 50MA. Getting a bounce off 21-week support. Careful on gold.


TLT - Gapped up over-night - looks like it will be above 96.50 as we come into the RTH (regular trading session). This week has seen some significant moves higher - considering where we end the week Friday. The MACD is just starting a cross-up above the Zero Line. We are at the PT. How much more? 96.64 into 97 hourly / daily / weekly. Likely it WILL get tapped down but above 97 it could keep it.

TNX - Broke under 4.1% w/ a MACD that is pointing to cross under the Zero Line.

ZN (10Y) - MACD looks to cross above the zero line and price closed higher than yesterday (again)

ZT (2Y) - MACD looks to cross above the zero line


SPX - Lots of Gaps.

SPY - chopping about; pushing higher.

QQQ - chopping about; Will it fill the hourly gap & come back down or not. 443.77 coming soon. "Watch it" in GOLD... if GOLD takes off it could be a headwind ot the QQQ's.

VIX - falling. VIX below 14.49 is not threatening for the bulls, market will not be volatile

SVXY - chopping weekly. 109.. nothing falling apart.


CRWD approaching first target at 315 next is gap fill at 307.55

CVNA 86 major resistance level to clear to approach a 100

GLD 199.7 target met, likely digests

HAL needs to get above 36 to approach 38.5( energy been out of play for a while)

INTC above 46 next is 47.81

NVDA above 898 can see 911,925

PLTR above 27 next 28.29

QQQ approaching 443.77 gapfill

TLT pulling back after approaching 97 target

TSLA above 178 next is 180.3/5


CVNA - still long; looking for a factor rotation from hedge funds. 86 is monthly resistance. Has to get above.

XLE - called long above weekly 84.40 & that was swell. Now needs to keep above 87.34 weekly. 88.49 daily resistance next level in focus. Boring swing long.


EMR - added as new Trend.

FAST - still going up.

LLY - still doing well.


NVO - Above weekly 122. Looks great.

RNA - has to get above 20.80 weekly.

VKTX - going to get defended. Outstanding results. Expect profit taking.

Honorable Mentions

AAPL - has cooled but has not broke trend on monthly. Has to break 165.70 for that.

AMZN - has a lot of work to do; get above 188.65 weekly for a cont. Still looks great.

ARM - short report on this yesterday. Got nothing on this one - even a short report couldn't drop it.

ANF - has not done anything wrong. It was up over 500% before earnings. Earnings sis not provide a "dump" here. Shorts need to stay below 131.37 ... has not done anything wrong but it may be ready for a short.

AAPL - looking for the 100-week tag. Looking for 165.70 weekly after that. It WILL fill gaps - just not right now.

ASML - Looking for a trigger to short - but we don't have the trigger yet.

ARKG - not ready.

CEIX - boring. Great assets. Weekly 94 resistance. Above the 200-day & 55-day MA.

CAT - looks good continuation above 334.66.

DXCM - above 132 weekly breakout level. Looks great. Not too late. A pullback should hold around the 132 area. 139, then 155 PT's

EBAY - caught them off-sides. 52 weekly is PT. Above 52 would put it into a "trend long" style chart.

FAST - looks great - boring but profitable.

FCX - up 5%. Going well. (NEM, 10-week resistance).

GOOGL - has cooled but has not broke trend on monthly.

GLD - Would not be surprised if we see a 180 degree flip around with 196 & then further pressure 193.40 if we start to get weakness.

IBM - big big moves. (A.I. related). Was churning sideways but starting a new breakout again. Get above 200.00 psychological levels. 218 as PT. IV is really low (compared to the hot stuff right now). It's not getting chased really either.

KWEB - get & stay above 25.85 weekly.

MRVL - 73.53 weekly breakout. Looks like we will tag the 83 PT. Great Job Tiff!!! Hit 83 today.

MU - flying hard.

NVDA - cont excitement. The 1000 calls gettting bought with size. Leading the SEMI rally. Not ready yet. If 800 then 1000... if you want to chase it then ... thats all.

PLTR - held 23.51 & pushed into 27 hourly. Back into the fold monthly. Impressed. So close to getting "back above" on the monthly. A bunch of resistance here at 27.00$ monthly / weekly. It's there. Has to get above 27$. Very bullish big picture.

RMD - looks ready to push through 192 weekly. Still looks really good.

SANA - has not fallen apart.

SLV - playing catchup with gold.

STLD - like this steel play. Weekly Breakout BOOM - holding above. Looks good.

SLV - has resistance to get through.

TSLA - look to bounce off that 174.30 into 180.68 & we'll see.

XME - love this chart. Has a nice "scoop" pattern weekly. FCX is inside this EFT and that is Sam's pick.

XHB - very strong. Hot sector. Opening in construction (look at JOLTs numbers).

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