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Samantha's RECORDED Live Trading Room - 2/29/24


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#trading-room-summaries by Rithika & Michael

Greetings. We are two of Samantha’s Live Trading Room Moderators. Rithika focuses on the the chase action for intraday moves. Michael captures a summary of all ideas & trades across all timeframes - chase, swing & trend. We both make best efforts to cover her trade set ups as well as those requested by clients in the room.

For best results, listen yourself. Or better yet, join us live!


Rithika's Chase Summary

Market has been really productive under the surface
VIX has been sideways to lower with SVXY holding firmly above 108 pivot
QQQ above 438, we push to 444 weekly bullish engulfing
IWM pushing 207.21 target next is 209.7
There Is no wind at the back of shorts in this market
CELH pushed above 70 into our 76 target, next is 80,83
AMD was a nice chase into 185 next is 190, likely continues on a weekly breakout
SQ did well off our 76 level into 80 next is 83
DIS needs above 112.70 to push 117.50
MARA 32 is resistance, needs above for 38
SE pushing last PT at 51.30
VKTX 76 short PT with overshot into 68
EBAY above 46 is in play again

Share Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc

Michael's Trading Room Summary

PCE - very high. No chance of rate cuts. Market cheering the data with the market spiking higher.

IWF:IWD - Value is picking up much stronger ... have a lot of room for oversold to come up from the bottoms.

MAG7 - r2g. Still near the highs weekly.

Weighted Dollar / Yields - held between 280 / 275 & chopped about. This has been the case for many days now.

WTI Crude - Failed to get through 79.11 daily. 75.65 support daily.

GOLD (futures) - Strong push higher. Miners not ready yet.

Nat Gas - held the breakout - above the 20-day MA. Oversold Bounce.

Bit Coin - above 63k this morning. 60k was PT... got that.


Dollar (DXY) - All we did is pop up to get rejected. Not a lot of energy. Don't trust it for a follow-through higher. Wrong if we get above 105. Expect this to pull back further (a tail-wind to equities).

USDJPY - Still a threat from 151/152 intervention levels. A BOJ board member was discussing an end to the yield controls. As they talk this down it will pull back yields and dollar and that is a tail-wind to the equities markets.


TNX - not getting above 4.37% and that is all that matters

TLT - spike higher. Nothing here

ZT (2Y) - fell into PT. Still looking for 101 to continue acting as stability.

ZN (10Y) - 109'16 daily seems to be acting as support.

10Y/2Y spread - expecting -0.60% still ... but holding sideways with a range -0.20 / -0.40.


IWM - Recommended long; spiking higher on inflation data.

SPY - bull flag 2-hour taking off.

QQQ - 444 still the PT. Stay above 436 breakout hourly. Likely hit's the 444 PT very soon. Above 438 is very productive. Weekly bullish engulfing. Hard to short anything with this backdrop of SVXY bullish.


AMD pushing for 185. 185 next, then 190

CELH CELH 70.86 about to tag, next is 73,75, 80, 83

DIS needs above 113 for 117.50

IWM pushing 207.21 target then 209.7

MARA 32 is resistance, needs above for 38

OKTA over 111 can push 115,119

QQQ above 438, productive to 444

SQ pushing first target 79.63 next is 83

SNOW puts getting monetized 193 next above 189

Honorable Mentions

AMD - Getting shy at 185. Massive Flows coming in. Chase Long, Swing long. Trend Long. Stay above 183.77

ABNB - is in it's important season. 155 weekly resistance getting tested. Getting above 159 hourly for a cont play higher.

AMZN - going to hit it's head hourly.

BYND - looking for recovery & a move higher

BLNK - working on 3.40 ... it's a short cover.

CRSP - EDIT, VERV, all doing really well.

CRWD - calls getting bought. Looks fine.

CNQ - doing really well. Very bullish breakout weekly. This is in the BIO-tech "AI" watchlist.

CELH - Getting defended. Getting chased. Now up 18% since the open

CPNG - amazon "type name" of South Korea.

DIS - 200-week & 400-week resistance. Has to get above that. 113 is trigger higher; get above that.

DUOL - looks good. 220 daily has to digest to move higher into 245.

EOLS - long sideways weekly finally started to climb back out. Poking above the weekly pivot 14.11$. Very nice one. Above 13.40 to 17.38 area.

ENPH - stay above 115 weekly. Digesting a sideways 200-day MA. Breakout at weekly 139.70. Has to get past 128 hourly.

EBAY - above 46 it's in play.

FXY - spike higher.

FOUR - looks good too - a little late to the game. $$ is coming into this space. IPO's going to be hot hot hot.

GOOGL - weekly trend still in tact. Taking a break.

LU - has to stay above 2.80. Has a long time before it "heals" ... still under a down-sloping 200-MA.

MARA _ above weekly 32 it could double but it's done right now.

NVO - getting soggy.

NU - Like this space. Needs to complete the breakout. 11.83 long PT in time. Hourly Squeeze. Getting accumulation. 10.22 weekly support. This week we opened above it. Watch 11.29 weekly as a risk area. Hourly looks like it wants to have a big move.

NEM - strong pop. 31.25 hourly gap fill.

NTLA - broke above 33.33 weekly. Hit the 50-week and paused. Under the 200-day MA ... hit it and paused. Good place to exit (here) after hitting that down-slopping 200-ma.

NARI - getting shacked. Waiting to see it get above ... maybe the 200? Does not have a technical pattern at all.

OKTA - 111 hourly resistance. Above the 100 week. Productive start. Has sat out of the rally so far - may see a change to that soon.

RNA - Earnings went well - 17.50 to 20.80 is the channel for movement. Bullish

SNOW - earnings gave it a gut punch. get back above 193 for any consideration long.

SDGR - earnings dropped it farther from the 200-day MA.

SE - up 26% since Rec' ... 44.60 PT and then 51.30 is last PT.

UPS - disappointment. Lost Amazon a while back. Below the 400-week. That matters. Likely a dud until after next earnings. fallen angel.

UNH - huge negative candle after a anti-trust headline. Likely won't see it pop back up like before. Below the Bollinger daily, below the 200-MA daily.

VKTX - doing really well. Announced a 550-million stock offering. Could become an M&A play. Use 77 as short PT ... then maybe overshoot into 68.00$

XBI - Recommended long;

XRT - doing really well.

AMZN "style" names ... SHOP - JMIA - CPNG

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Recorded Live Trading Room
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