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📺 Macro And Micro Price Targets Working (8:14 min)

From Live Trading Room Recap 01.05.24

In this short clip from Live Trading Room (01.05.24), I discuss my market analysis and predictions. I touch on topics like the US economy's job additions, the Federal Reserve's potential rate cuts, and specific trading levels in the stock market, emphasizing the importance of macroeconomic data and trader behavior. Additionally, I provide insight into short-term and long-term market trends, referencing my own and others' analyses to support my views on market dynamics and potential future movements.

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📺 In today’s episode:
00:00 Market Thoughts and Fed Rate Cuts In March
00:56 US Economy Job Additions and SPX Support Levels
02:06 Fed Rate Cut Predictions and Market Analysis
03:04 Unwinding Before Earnings Season and Economic Data
03:58 US Dollar and Yen Movements
04:59 Volatility, VIX, and Market Movements
06:00 Put Wall At 4,600 and Goldman Sachs Analysis
07:03 Long Gamma, Market Bounces, and CPI Impact

Macro-to-Micro by Samantha LaDuc
Macro-to-Micro stock market analysis, education and options trading.
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